Truth: How Short Hairstyles Affect Your Love Life

Do Men Like Short Hair?

beautiful white girl with short hairI threw my bag on the counter, slid off my heels, as well as walked toward the cooking area, where my boyfriend was leaning against the counter and looking at me with the kind of empty expression one could just take care of when one is absolutely without words. “You do not like it?” I asked. He attempted to run his fingers with my now-inch-long hair, opened his mouth to say something, decided against it, and afterwards, for the very first time in both years we would certainly been with each other, looked at me without a solitary watt of sex-related fee. It was in that moment I understood merely exactly how severe he would certainly been about this, that he ‘d in fact implied it when he stated he had not been attracted to women with short hair.

natalie portman with short hair

“Not even Natalie Portman?” I ‘d ask.

“Not even Natalie Portman,” he ‘d react.

“You ‘d truly rather I got 20 pounds?” I ‘d ask.

“Done in your butt,” he ‘d reply.

I probably shouldn’t have anticipated to walk in the door and also have him admire the cavalier spirit it took that morning to download and install a photo of a young, punk-pixied Swedish design posted on and 4 hours later hand it to a stylist with the instructions: “Take me short. Take me this-girl short.”.

Liberating my bangs from his lingering hand, I asked him a much more pointed inquiry: “Are you less enticed to me currently?”.

He took a few seconds, considered me with the exact same love he had for me the day before when my hair was 10 inches much longer, and also stated, “I feel bad, Johanna, yet yep, I am.”.

He no question really felt that if I had the nerve to walk around appearing like the Martial arts Kid, so too did I have the nerve to hear the reality. And truthfully, he was right. Having actually just recently published my very first scholarly write-up, finished my second marathon, and also written my style blog site’s 1,000 th blog post, I felt more in control of my future compared to ever before. I lived with a fantastic man who adored me, I had parents I talked to on a daily basis, plus– and I owe this as much to my birth-control-stabilized skin tone as I do to the long-distance operating– I looked better compared to ever, also.

It was his ruthless sincerity that prepared me for the next two years, when I would experience what it feels like to be continually passed over by a bulk of males simply because they, like him, believed they can never be enticed to a woman with supershort hair. “When I see awoman with brief hair, it’s off-putting,” a male reporter in his late thirties informs me. As a result– as well as it was prompt– the nice person, the skeevy wedded male, also the construction employee left me alone.

Does Having Long Hair Improve Your Love Life?

model with extremely long hair“Longer hair had a considerable favorable result on the ratings of a female’s beauty; much shorter styles did not,” says Bereczkei, that notes that long hair boosts the understanding of excellent genes. “It takes years to grow long, thick hair.”.

Fortunately is, just what I lost in regarded attractiveness as well as healthiness amongst a lot of men, I greater than made up for in appreciation among females as well as the style set. And also truthfully, at this moment, when I was doing everything I could possibly to change, professionally, from the defense industry and also into the globe of fashion, to have a gay man in a perfectly tailored Thom Browne coat concern- of-factly say, “Posh hair, lady,” implied even more to me than also one of the most charming teaser. However it wasn’t always by doing this.

From 9th grade to my last semester of graduate school, to air-dry my mid-back hair took a whole mid-day, as well as to blowdry it meant paddle-brushing to the factor of wrist pains. Currently, I have actually taken sufficient data programs to know how careless it would certainly be to think a causal relationship between my hair length and also my success with males. When asked to discuss why I shouldn’t cut my hair, even if the tip was theoretical, none of these articulators could provide me with an audio, persuading disagreement.

Someone that has day-to-day familiarity with short-hair prejudice is Patti Stanger, L.A.’s resident cupidess for the wealthy as well as the host of Bravo’s The Millionaire Intermediator. “Males desire just what they want in a female considering that of exactly what they found out when they were little kids,” she states.

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How I Finally Am Able to Accept and Adapt

At 29 years old, creating for ELLE and also gladly dating a man that suches as– but doesn’t love– my brief hair, I remain in as excellent an area as I’ve ever before been. Less guys hit on me, however of those who do, many understand exactly what Lanvin is. Does it bother me that men often reject all brief hair as “much less desirable”? A little, yet I have to claim, I relish the challenge of reduced male interest. Will I constantly recall and also be able to laugh, as I do currently, right now when a male I was in love with informed me he discovered me much less desirable because of my hairstyle? To be honest, I truly have no idea. As well as I prefer to not consider it.

A Short Hair Love Affair :)

I ‘d always had long hair.

marie lise - love my short hairBut more than having long hair, I had hair which, by our culture’s charm standards, was “stunning”– long, silky, as well as directly.

I had individuals, also complete unfamiliar people, praise me on my locks. Some individuals would even inform me how stunning I was simply due to it.

I would certainly nod, smile, and also thank. That’s just what we’re taught to do when people pay us a praise, isn’t it?

But inside, I had a trick.

I intended to reduce my hair.

And also not simply a little. I desired a pixie cut.

When I shared this to people, they advised me not to go through with it.

“Such an attractive female like you, reducing her hair?

Yet even with every person’s viewpoints, I cut off fifteen inches of hair last year, gifting myself the pixie hairstyle I constantly longed for.

As well as I loved it.

Reducing my hair was just one of the very best feelings in the world.

It likewise obtained me thinking: I was constantly literally cost-free to cut my hair, so why did it take me so long to do it?

And also the fact was: I didn’t do not hesitate. I seemed like a prisoner to my hair.

It was something much greater that was holding me back from reducing my hair– culture.

What Culture (and Media) Instructs Us about Hair.

pixie cutWhether it’s physique, skin shade, or clothing choices, society has actually laid out a very clear and rigid rulebook regarding exactly what elegance looks like for women.

As well as this rulebook of beauty suitables is provided us at a quite young age. Shouldn’t little girls discover first and also primary that they are valued for their charm above all else?

As well as the same opts for hair.

Jasmine, Ariel, Pocahontas, Resting Elegance, Rapunzel. What do every one of these Disney princesses have in common? Long, sleek, lovely hair.

And all of us understand that ladies are intended to wish to be princesses, and that kids wish to wed them.

The conditioning doesn’t stop there.

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Females are anticipated to be as feminine as beauty pageant queens, as well as hot as video clip vixens.

And in both cases, long hair has actually consistently been viewed as the peak of a lady’s feminineness and also sex appeal.

A woman that reduces her hair is reducing herself off of her own femininity and from being seen as sex-related. And also exactly what excellent is a female, in the eyes of culture, if she isn’t womanly and also sex-related– if she isn’t built for the gratification of the male look?

Children of all sexes have been force-fed consistent pictures of just what females ought to resemble. When the media only reveals one form of beauty, it restricts our thoughts as well as sights on charm.

As females, we’ve been conditioned to believe we are much less “girly” without long hair. As well as since men have actually been trained to believe that womanhood is related to lengthy hair, a woman with brief hair is a direct danger to womanhood– which is a danger to masculinity.

And the patriarchy despises that.

So it’s no surprise many women fear reducing their hair!

Anxiety of Cutting Your Hair.

If the hair stylist cuts greater than what you take into consideration to be a “trim,” you better believe a major freak-out is around the corner.

Females of all shades and also backgrounds are purchasing clip-ins or otherwise obtaining weaves or extensions making certain they meet the minimum hair demand. Long, smooth, straight hair is the imposed demand by our culture for females.

Consequently, numerous ladies require to the charm requirements, in anxiety of the consequences not doing so.

There are “negative” connotations connected to a woman pointering outside the appeal specification as well as reducing her hair short.

These connotations, these ideas, were the reasons that held me back from reducing my hair.

1. People Won’t Like Me Due to the fact that I’ll Look Like a Child.

As a heterosexual female, I was afraid of that guys would not locate me desirable with short hair.

Every lady that I knew males to find “attractive” had lengthy hair: Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, any type of Victoria’s Secret version. If I weren’t near to this suitable of beauty, then these guys would certainly never like me. Possibly my brief hair would also make them think of me as a child!

At the end of the day, I’m not a child. I’m a lady. As well as any sort of man that would judge my sex by the length of my hair isn’t really worth my time.

Sex is a social construct. And also it’s made complex.

I don’t want to be with anybody who streamlines gender by the length of my hair.

Besides, it’s my selection to reveal my sex in whichever way I pick.

Consider it: Romance novel covers honor men with long hair. Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean is hailed as overwhelmingly desirable. And also a lot of male rock celebrities have lengthy hair. And also none are taken feminine.

So can’t the other hold true too?

If men could be gorgeous with long hair, than I could be gorgeous with short hair.

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2. People Will certainly Think I’m a Lesbian.

indie rock girl with tattooI understood that being thought about or called a lesbian was just one of the “downsides” of having brief hair.

The point is: It’s not negative.

Being a lesbian is just thought of as damaging in our culture considering that it challenges hegemonic maleness. The concept that a lady can be satisfied with one more lady is endangering to male dominance as well as power.

So why take it as a disrespect?

Like with my ethnic culture, I obtain perplexed for lots of points. Consider this merely one more point to add to my checklist.

Like sex expression, sexuality is made complex. So any person that’s misleaded enough to streamline it by my hair’s size also isn’t really worth my time.

3. Short-Haired Women Are “Crazy”.

For ladies who dare to damage the mold and mildew and reduce their beautiful tresses, society wants to explain them using abelist language.

When I traded in my lengthy locks for a pixie cut, people called me crazy for cutting “such beautiful hair” as well as asked me outright what happened in my life that would certainly cause me to do such a “crazy point” (which is both sexist and also ableist).

You need look no even more than the media to see the craze.

Miley Cyrus came under the very same examination when she made a decision to cut her (undoubtedly flawlessly aumbred) Hannah Montana locks. Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Vannessa Hudgens, Rhianna, and Beyonce have actually been either called “crazy” or their hair has actually been referred to as “insane brief.”.

The reality is: We are mind boggling!

Due to the fact that in a globe where there is a great stress for women to look, act, and feel a specific way, when any type of lady makes a decision to do something for herself and herself just, it is radical.

In this day as well as age, a lady flattering herself (and no one else, especially not for male viewing pleasure) is still thought about an innovative act.

Seeing these various other celebs cutting their hair made me really feel more comfy in doing something daring that I ‘d wished to do for so long.

When I did reduce my hair, it was liberating. There was a weight off my shoulders, both figuratively as well as literally.

Just Do It!

Change may be scary, but it could bring about wonderful points.

Realizing that my body was actually mine and that I might do whatever I pleased was significantly freeing. I had the opportunity to start from scratch as well as find out exactly what was gorgeous in my eyes and also not based on the assumption of others.

I stepped outside the mold and mildew of exactly what culture defines as women beauty.

I finally took possession of my own body, cutting myself free of the guidelines I thought were obligatory for ladies to follow.

Cutting my hair brief was my means of compeling myself to redefine beauty on my very own terms.


At the end of the day, it was my hair.

It would certainly expand back if I didn’t like it. Or even if the procedure to expand your hair out could be laborious (it has been for me!), hopefully the quest will certainly educate you a few features of on your own.

Reducing my hair resulted in a beautiful quest of vanity.

I may have lost fifteen inches of hair, but I acquired a sincere love for myself that I never knew was feasible.